Pizza Delivery Near Me – How to use recommended types of flour in Pizza Making

Pizza Delivery Near Me – Types of flour for Best Pizza Making

Pizza is an Italian dish, a special food dish that is mostly made with flour…so it is essential to choose a suitable recommended flour for its making. So here in this part we will discuss about the different types of flour that can be used for a delicious pizza making. Prepare it at home and have a delicious meal. This is the best pizza delivery near by (At Home).

There are specially two types of flours – blown flour and wheat flour, the first is a wheat flour which lends itself to long maturation (48 hours) and can reach rates of hydration (amount of water compared the amount of flour) quite high, over 70%, without any problems while the second is derived from durum wheat varieties and united as a percentage of 20-30% of the wheat gives crispness to the pizza and provides additional gluten high quality dough.

The flours TiBioNa have a similar use to Marino. On the site of the company e-shop you can find a wide range of flours of each type of cereal. I would point out here flour 00 Wheat and semolina of Senator Hair .

The formats shown are from 5 kg , available from both companies cited: if you start to make pizza regularly you will see that 5 kg of flour end up rather quickly and in this way you will always have fresh flour to use.

Something different for flour instead ‘Caputo Blu Pizzeria’ which is located in 25 kg bags. Store 25 kg of flour at home is not just a simple thing. If you can not store it I advise you to put it in vacuum bags: flour keeps well vacuum, but in this case when you open the bag you will need to sift the flour (indication to always follow anyway) with particular care in order to oxygenate it well and remove any lumps. The latter flour is less strong than the other two and lends itself more to machining at room temperature and maturation shorter (24 hours maximum). Being a weaker flour also allows a lower hydration dough: should remain at around 60%.

An image of a beautiful and tasty toppings pizza.

It is also possible to obtain another type of flour mill Caputo, one in red sack. It is one of Blu Pizzeria flour stronger but personally I do not recommend it because I find it very tasteless.

The flour should be stored in a cool and dry when stored in a humid environment in fact, the flour will absorb water from the surrounding air and then in the mixture will bear a smaller amount of water. The heat and humidity can also promote the emergence of insects: insect eggs are in fact normally present in the flour, in particular those living and non-sterilized industrially.

During the warm season you can store flour in the refrigerator, but in this case you have to be very careful moisture and so is the case of using plastic bags under vacuum.

When used for kneading the flour is important that the sieved. Pass the flour through a sieve has two main advantages: the first is that it will form lumps when you add less water. The second, more important, is that the flour in this way is oxygenated.

The oxygen is of fundamental importance in the biology of yeast, but on this subject we will return on our next appointment will be dedicated to the eternal debate between yeast and brewer’s yeast and yeast. Which is more suitable for our pizza? It depends on you. Thus thats how you can choose a better flour and can make a delicious and tasty pizza.

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