Pizza Delivery Near Me – How to make a Homemade Pizza !

What is a Homemade Pizza? What is to be done in its Preparation?

Pizza is a dish that is considered special in the meal, its origin is from ‘Italy’…its an Italian dish and is favorite for everyone. Here in this part of pizza delivery near me we will discuss about the pizza and its homemade preparation..that what is needed and what is to be done in making a homemade, economical and delicious pizza.


First of all, this is not a business account. I’ll ignore some factors. For example, I will not go into labor. I assume that you want to make pizza is fun and you therefore get no compensation for your time. Furthermore, I am not going to various overheads, which means I will not go into the depreciation of your oven and mixer. Also ignored electricity costs, which are necessary for the operation of the furnace. Ultimately, I expect therefore restricted the material costs of a pizza from, ie. all material costs (flour, cheese, tomatoes, which refer to a single pizza.

Why am I telling you this? When a pizza delivery pizza will probably cost somewhere between 6 and 12 €, as you see, I’m going to get a different amount. Consequently, I would not, that she complained to you as a result of this article, that the pizza delivery service is so expensive. For the pizza company must count economically. All costs, which we can ignore amateur chefs stand out when serving pizza actually. Think not when the material costs € 2 and € 8 requires the pizza service, so that it makes 6 € profit. If that were the case, there would be a lot more pizza delivery services in the world.

An image of a homemade pizza

What we need for a pizza?

First we need to list so first thing we need for a pizza everything. On my recent “Pizza bill” when it came to how many calories has a normal pizza , I have taken the example of the Pizza Margherita. The sake of variety, I decide again today for a pizza salami. But again, you can extend the account to any pizza, by withdrawing her the salami costs and adding the cost of your favorite ingredients to it.

I get my food for everyday use like the discounter ALDI (South) and buy there also usually a mean pizza ingredients. Moreover, the prices of most products thanks sites like Aldi are discounter-Cheap prices free on the Internet. From this site I have the prices for the following products, which I often use to bake pizza.

Costs for pizza dough:

From the article about the calories of a pizza margherita, and from all different pizza recipes , we know that a pizza takes about 200g flour, 10g salt and about 3 g yeast. (Note: The cost of fresh tap water can be conveniently ignored.) This leads us to the following costs for pizza dough:

1)Flour 405 – 200 gm of quantity
2) Fresh yeast – 3 gm of quantity
3) Iodized salt – 10 gm of quantity
It all worth only €0.07

Amazing, is not it? Total cost of the pizza dough only ingredient worth 7 cents. However, the pizza is also the most intensive part of the work-baking pizza, a pizza dough is thus expected economic (eg. for a pizzeria), a good bit more expensive.

Costs for tomato sauce:

I reckon the only tomato sauce with fresh ingredients that makes the pizza a good bit more expensive, but also much tastier. If you boiled down 1kg fresh tomatoes with a little basil and fresh garlic, one obtains a tasty tomato sauce, at least for the last 5 pizzas. (From experience, it ranges rather considerably longer, but a good part is getting as bad – a fresh tomato sauce is in fact delicious.

By boiling the sauce is of course lost a lot of water from the Tomtaten, but since we pay gross weight at the supermarket, we must also expect gross weight. Therefore wonder, then, that supposedly come to a pizza 200 gm tomatoes:

1) Rispentomaten – 220gm of quantity
2) Garlic – 05gm of quantity
3) fresh basil – 1/4 Cup of quantity
It all worth only € 0.77

Thus, the tomato sauce is therefore somewhat more expensive than the pizza dough, but overall we are at only € 0.84. And dough and sauce alone has been quite a pizza, as Pizza Marinara, namely, for example.

Cost of cheese and toppings:

But as there is about the salami pizza marinara and not, we have to expect anything else. Furthermore, do we need various cheeses, olive oil and – very important on a pizza salami – salami. In the latter I decided to BE LIGHT poultry salami. This is less fat and this for pizza, with cheese and olive oil contains enough fat already, suitable perfectly.

Cost of a whole pizza:

Overall, we have now made ??at € 1.63 for a complete Pizza Salami (or € 2.23 incl little Parmesan).

Homemade pizza – it’s worth?

How you see a homemade Pizza is a cheap way to feed themselves. Logically is designed only to pizza eating anything but balanced, but the occasional pizza is safe and does not hurt, as you can see, clearly affordable. Also makes pizza baking fun and this size is difficult to measure in money.

As already mentioned at the beginning, this does not mean that it costs a pizza service only around 1-2 € prepare a pizza, because it has some other costs that must be paid by selling pizzas.

but we now want to come back to the advertisement of the pizza stone suppliers. Is a pizza stone really after two use? I assume a pizza stone and a pizza costs € 25 € 1.63 to produce. To be paid for 2 pizzas, a pizza delivery service so the salami would cost around 14.13. For delivery this would be too much for a pizza restaurant that is quite conceivable.

4 pizzas were so realistic, which would lead to a delivery price of 7.88 €. One thing I can tell you, but if you have a pizza stone will, therefore possibly be so happy and so many bake pizza that you the invoice from when a pizza stone is worth, does not at all more interesting.

So all we discussed that its easy to make pizza by our self at home as a homemade stuff ;)…but yes we have to prepare for it, we have to get all the ingredients and related things which are used in making of a homemade pizza weather it is pizza salami, pizza Margherita etc. If its difficult to prepare a pizza at home then one can order it from near by shop easily. Pizza delivery has become a large route everywhere..its a good delivery service in time, that is why pizza is considered as a delicious and special dish from a long time.

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